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College is calling your name and you’re going to answer

You already have some solid skills and knowledge that got you this far on your academic journey. Now, you’ll be looking at the bigger picture a little more often, making the most of your opportunities for the next level of education.

The CollegeEd® planner helps you to set a clear plan for your career and college choices, and make your transition to college a smooth one. As you prepare for your entrance exams, for example, the planner program helps you develop strategies to raise your test scores. And it guides you through the college admission process.

There’s more. The planner offers you the chance to explore your postsecondary options. You’ll get tips, advice, and examples on how to effectively plan. Good planning in all areas of your life can lead to success.

The planner also guides you on where to start when it comes to college. It lays out the basics: how college works, what it takes to get into college, why it’s good to go to college, … even how to pay for college.

Then there are the strategies you’ll probably want put into action:

  • Learn to build confidence so you can meet your goals.
  • Identify your talents.
  • Learn test-taking strategies.
  • Dive into active learning.
  • Strengthen your critical-thinking skills
  • Manage your time more efficiently.

And, of course, you will use your planner to help you think about these strategies and record how you will put them in motion. By the end of the year, you’ll be happy with the progress you’ve made, and even more motivated—and certainly prepared—to make wise choices when it comes to your college education.


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